Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Strong earthquake in Yangon

There was strong earthquake in Yangon at 2:28 am, August 11. My condo was shake steadily about 1 minute. I think it might be the first strong earthquake after Tsunami. It's really something. My heart is still beating.

2:38am, August 11.

Update! 3:08 am

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Magnitude: 7.6

260 km (160 miles) N of Port Blair, Andaman Islands, India
365 km (225 miles) SSW of Pathein (Bassein), Myanmar
825 km (510 miles) W of BANGKOK, Thailand
2295 km (1420 miles) SE of NEW DELHI, Delhi, India

Source: USGS

Update: 3:20 am

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The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issued a tsunami watch for the region.! (Ref)

Update: 11:30 am

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Dont worry! Everything seem fine and nothing collapse news came out. The magnitude of earthquake which stroke in Yangon & Labutta was mercalli scale 4.

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