Tuesday, January 13, 2009



The Hell-Hound at Large

Escaped from Awizi, a devil in the form of a black dog. Had been during his brief span on earth a base object of universal odium and execration, - sentenced to Eternal Damnation for Treachery, Theft, Presumption, Intrigue, Pettifogging, Sadism, Churlishness, Vulgarity, etc. A pimping knave with avuncular pretensions to some cheap wiggling wenches from a well-known Hostel, he was also a hectic popularity-hunter, shamming interest in Games, Concerts, Associations etc., menacing the public placed with his unwanted presence though generally welcomed everywhere as small-pox. His only distinguishing marks have been the abominable V.D. ulcers on his neck and buboes due to copulation with his own wife. 

Will finder please kick him back to Hell?


From: Oway or The Voice of the Peacock, Voice of the RUSU, Jan. 1936; Vol. 5, No. 1, p.56. Points from Letters.

အိုးေဝမဂဿဂဇင္း အတြဲ (၅) အမွတ္ (၁) တြင္ပါရွိသည့္ ငရဲေခြးျကီးလြတ္ေနျပီ ေဆာင္းပါး။ 

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