Thursday, December 11, 2008

Listed on Shinystats' 100

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I m happy that my blog was listed rank 91st on Shinystat's Top 100 and 5th on Personal & Home Pages section. It is quite difficult to compete them as a non english blog. When was opend at Myanmar, I have got around 500 unique visitors daily and when it was banned, I lost most of them. So I tried hard to get back stable stats. There were two intention because of why I care much on that stats; first, you cant even imagine to make the standard business on net unless you hav less than 500 unique visitors. (I havent started it yet too (Future Plan :)). Second, stats shows the state of our blogs, so we can determine that many various things such what people are more interesting, what people want, what is user trend, so on. There were some limitations for myanmar blogs too, that it's hard to generate some effective keyword for adsense and it's hard to lure foreign visitors. So then cant hope much to get 10000+ unique visitors for till to 2015. But be remember that Myanmar has approx. 60 millions people. So everything can be happened when chances come and when all are in. 

Now happy to announce that there are around 600+ unique visitors and daily page view 1000+. So thanks for everyone and hope to hang out with you all forever. Hug!

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