Thursday, June 26, 2008

To U.S. Army: Asian Studies Detachment

U.S. Army: Asian Studies Detachment
Ref: Document ID: MSR-032-08
Subject: Myanmar (Burma) Special Report
Date: 19 June 2008

Nyi Lynn Seck, a 29-year-old blogger and social activist from Rangoon who, along with four colleagues, formed a makeshift group which they called “Handy Myanmar Youths to reconstruct homes in the delta, said that to date they have built more than 100 houses, or what they call “budget huts,” for cyclone survivors in the Laputta area.

However, the activist complained that corrupt local officials were siphoning off many of their building materials and that their disaster management skills were inefficient.

“I was disappointed because some villages did not receive the materials we tried to supply,” Nyi Lynn Seck said. “Officials from the Ward and Village Peace and Development Council stole them. For example, they gave us proposals for 10 x12-foot huts, but they took materials and tools to build 15 x 30-foot houses,” he said.

An urgent concern is the high price and scarcity of materials and tools, Nyi Lynn Seck said, noting in his blog that they were having trouble finding wood to build “budget huts” in Laputta.

He said that another setback to aid distribution was the disorganized method the Burmese military government relied on. He said the authorities did not use a computerized system for the logistics of the disaster management and that they only worked on paper, so much of the help was “delayed, forged and wasted.

I've never ever told like that, perhaps they are thinking that I could be hanging myself! In that report, they cited that source was taken from Irrawaddy. I, we need to care on media that who is telling truth and who is telling right, who is cheering up and who is striking us down. Retrieving data on Network is not much difficult, hah! so from now on I'll track every false reports about us and will complain directly. We are helping Nargis Victims, but we dont wanna be being as Media Victims.

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