Monday, June 4, 2007

Some Web Design Concepts

I found most of myanmar web designs were not attractive, not active, not match with website, no eye catching, no artistic expression and not modernized, though designers who created them were not bad in software usage, but in creativity. So, most of them were not lured to visit again. Although I m not a good web designer, but I still can mix up and standardized them with design principles, concepts and ideas.

Here are some of my poor tips-

When you have been proposed to create a web design,

  1. Questioning everything relating with your design; how they want, what is their desired theme, what colors they prefer, what type they like (fancy or steady) etc:
  2. Ask them to give nice photos to use in your design, if not, take a good camera and shot nicely.
  3. Study carefully who are they, what they really do and what is their type.
  4. Choose best related colors based on their want (no need to use exactly what the want, use your brain)
  5. Think! simply, design for woman should be soft, pale and simple. for man, strong and distinct colors, lines.
  6. Play around with Typography (no need to use same size. who teach you?)
  7. Play around with different possible layout
  8. Plan what kinda prgm language that you will use.
  9. Sit and look your design more than 30 minutes for a time, frequently again!
  10. Should not use more than 3 type face
  11. Do not use a lot colors
  12. Dont need to follow your seniors or your teachers' designs, be creative!
  13. Do not afraid to delete, to resize or to crop
  14. Always keep in your mind that Logo and Slogan are most important
  15. Last the most important one! Remember if you feel you are not still satisfy your design, surely! nobody will like it!

etc: (fill up whatever you want)


A Japanese artist Ms. Yokoyamada didnt give me much of her artworks, and the pictures she gave me were not so clear. So I cropped some part and created my own design. She asked me make simple and speed up design. So I do!

I spent 2 week to creat Artist Nyein Chan Su's web design. Ko NCS gave me whatever I want and asked me to create freely. He is a modern artist and the colors he used in his most paintings are so basic. So I decided to use R, B, Y as main and only colors. He wanna make different design for different page. It's not difficult but it can be problem when users are browsing. I was very very tired.

The third one is for lexiconstar's Celebrities page.

Currently I m inspiring for my greatest artist Khin Maung Yin site. 75% finito! I wish it could be represented to him well.


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