Friday, June 8, 2007

Ngamauk Ruby

Last year, I posted about Nga Mauk Ruby on Myanmar Cultures Blog. Then I havent update that blog for a long time, and today I found one comment from Mr. Tideman. Some of his words are interesting!

Thank you for this very detailed report, being that when the British empire (reference the old saying: the sun never sets on the British empire) "dethroned" or deposed* King Thi Baw in 1885, there was some British Army officer with the title and name of Colonel Sladen who was "the main person" who "arrange(d) for the Royal Treasure" to be dealt with by "the Royal Treasure Protect committee"** (made up of: #___ people being: ____________________ ?) but which did NOT include the Ngamauk Ruby said to be "worth a country" but see said to be "worth half his kingdom.

Technically to depose is "to remove from office or position of power", and so is not an act of war, or is it? The expression of: to the victor go the spoils of war, at presumably the 100% level, but there seems to be some entrustment of these Royal Gems and "jewellery" that went inside the Gold Boxes, Laquare Boxes and Velvet Bags for their safekeeping and future re-turn to the royal family, but when? After King Thibaw had served his time in prison? It reads like what King George V of England did to King Thibaw was like what King George, the Third did to us here in America that brought on our Revolutionary War, and that was that our many repeated petitions went not only un-answered, but resulted in more injuries! So when "the relatives of Sladen presented Padamya Ngamauk to Queen Victoria" it was like what? The payment of half the kingdom on a Writ of Elegit? where a moiety or half is allowed the debtor to live on? Hey! This Royal Family had 100% taken! So what next for the "sons of the fourth daughter of King Thibaw" who "ask"ed the British "to give back Ngamauk Ruby and royal gems and jewellery on 9 May 1953 and on 16 February 1959"? Who are their next-of-kin: _________? and WHERE do they live now plus WHY don't they find out who was on this committee** and bring their report to the attention of the Queen Elizabeth to finally act on their recomendation that ___% be returned as by deducting ___% for what? the cost of mainting their empire for #___ years (as a protection racket) before it now gone military dictatorship, like Cuba according to the citing the Burmese Freedom and Democracy Act of 2003 (HR 2330) signed into law by U.S. President Geo. W. Bush on July 28th, 2003 wanting other countries to join in by some United Nations Resolution #____ too? and what about any signatories from the Britain? shouldn't they have to be of honor BEFORE they sign such, as by the return of this treasury?

Yours truly, Joe / Joseph S. Haas, P.O. Box 3842, Concord, New Hampshire 03302, Tel. 603: 848-6059 who went thru a Sheriff's Sale is "how" I encountered this Writ of Elegit stuff, and an historian plus Excavation Technician I archeologist, IN SEARCH OF...the buried treasure of Passaconaway, the Native American Indian Chief who buried his treasury on the summit of Mount Agamenticus over in York County, Maine, and found by the U.S. Army during WWII with any records sent to the Federal Archives on Trapello Road in Waltham, MAss.achusetts then sent to the Federal Archives in New York for #__ years, then supposedly these records of WHO found and kept these treasures were destroyed.

pc: my new Federal Representative ________ to Congress in Washington, D.C. to please investigate this and our own State of New Hampshire Gold Bonds on file with the Secretary of State from the Czar of Russia before it went to the Communists, now out of power, and so now redeemable too? from a government honoring all past debts? To find out WHO the current American Ambassador to Britain is: _________ too, so that he can present some HR #____ of 2007 from the House of Representatives to the Queen to finally conclude this matter, gaining more respect for other countries to join in H.R. 2330, that is for us to take the first step of helping give back to that country's royal family this quality ruby of 82 carats BEFORE we "take" more rubies of less #__ carats therefrom either direcly without the boycott, or indirectly through other countries, currently supplied such by the smugglers.

note: See also for "The Burma Rarity" (1961) episode of Bonanza, also over at Rick's "The Scenery of the Ponderosa"

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