Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Time to say Goodbye

Okie. I was wrong! I have to accept whatever I had done. So be it. Here I published nearly 900 posts and I hope at least you could find out one small useful tip from them. This blog will not be active anymore. For my closed friends, I'll let you know when I start my new other blog. Again!! I dont need visitors. I m just expressing myself here. So pls stay away with me if you think I m insulting others. We, me and Mayvelous were very sorry for previous post, it doesnt mean asking forgiveness, that is what we truely believe. I do thank for everyone who visited here and couraged me for making many posts. I love this blog too much as myself. So I'll leave it as remembrance; likes old diary, and I'll start my new one soon. No comment pls!

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