Saturday, September 30, 2006

Street Talk with one foreigner


  • Mobile Phone? Yes U$2000 (dead!)
  • 2nd hand 2000model> Toyota: U$ 25000+ (Allah, Jesus, Buddha!)
  • Rental Flat in Downtown: U$ 200 (cheap! compare with sg's 900+)
  • Prostitute? U$ 40+ (still too cheap among international)
  • Time taken for applying own business : 1yrs (damn!)
  • Salary? U$ 20 (omg!)
  • KFC, McDonal? may be, later! (f*cking US banned lah!)
  • IDD? yes but the most difficult to call (Ahh!)
  • Capitol: Napyidaw (AD or BC?)
  • Gay, Les? : No common standardization (Good!)
  • Is Yangon Clean? yes, more than India! (Perfect!)
  • Electricity? oh pardon, cant hear you well (Sh*t!)
  • Internet? Yah, sorry doesnt work google and yahoo (Holy Sh*t!)
  • Educated? many universities man! (really? but you havent answerd my Q)
  • Braindrain? Block pipe! (i see)
  • English? Pronounciation better than all Asia (How about 4 Skills?)
  • National trademark plant? Ah let me think, oh..ya. recently "Kyatsu" (Oops!)
  • Religion? Most are so called devoted Buddhists, check religion forum in Planet! (omg the last crusade!)
  • So you happy there? Of cuz! I m Myanmar, but no money.
  • No money no happy lah? Shit! there is only " no money no honey"
  • So you have nothing lah? ah ha ha
  • blur..
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