Monday, September 25, 2006

NLS Starburst Artwork

Last night, I played around with Starburst tutorial and got Idea to make my own design. After rendering in photoshop and imageready, I got the first one, my current native avator. Then I put some colors and arranged those starbursts to make colorful wallpaper. Unintentionally, I transformed it as portrait view and got idea again to create shopping bag. nice? hah. It's not difficult, choosing relevant colors and arranging is the key point. Honestly it's not completed yet, but I m really tired and too lazy to finish it. Perhaps, if there has any business man who wanna buy this design for his products, okie, just let me know! I'll make it nicer. :P ha ha.

Oh! My starburst has been chosen and presented on Aaron's elegant Tutorial site. What a happy moment!! Thanks Aaron. It means alot!!

Ps> Tutorial will be coming very soon.!!!

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