Sunday, July 16, 2006


  • 50 billion the number of e-mails dispatched every day wordwide; in 2001 the traffic was less than 12 billion
  • 88 per cent of e-mails are junk including about 1 per cent which are virus-infected
  • 32 The average number of e-mail messages received per person per day. This is rising by 84 per cent each year
  • 440 million the number of electronic mailboxes in use, including 170 million corporate ones, growing by 32 per cent per year
  • 1,035 million the total number of mobile phone text messages sent each month in Britain
  • 37 The average number of texts a user sends per month compared with 21 in 2001 1 million the number of children aged under 10 in Britain — one in three — who own a phone
  • 8 The average age at which a child gets a mobile phone in Britain

Source : [ timesonline ]

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