Saturday, July 22, 2006


I m not in mood. I feel like unconscious. Sometime I sit on a chair and gaze the stupid computer monitor for a long time, meaninglessly. I know I m thinking something but I dont know what I m thinking. I tried to write down my feeling, unfortunately unsuccessful! Sometime I miss someone but I dont know who is. I m exhausted. I m more than tired. I think I m extra in this society. Now I dont wanna do anything. My brain and memory are cracked and drained. I need to ask myself to do many works to pass such situation. I still remember the words " Run Forrest! Run! " from Forrest Gump. I love it, but how long i still have to run? Recently there are three important things to do first, 1. to stop seriously smoking, 2. to stop much spending on net. 3. to sleep at night and wake up early.

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