Tuesday, August 1, 2006


For last 3 months, my blog got quite high visitors and I got back a contact with some of my old buddies. It really make me happy. When I started blogging here, it was very hard to get 20 hits aday. But I tried to run regularly for my relax. Blogging is the way of recreation for me no matter how many visitors that I got or not. Actually I made this blog to express myself, whater good or bad. All are my stories that I can never fix them up. So I have to accept. It is also a good companion for me when I feel lonely. I can shout, I can blame, I can regret, I can cry, whatever here, it never hurt me back. But, on the other hand, the more I got visitors, the more I lost my freedom. Now this blog is quite messy with many unrelated topic, chaos, and cant reveal myself as previous. But if one of you get some good staff or resources from here, I do really happy for making of this. However, thanks everyone for your vist. If you find any of my personal or worthless topic, throw it away, or if you think it is useful, take it!

At least, you still can find it out I m still alive as long as it is running. Isnt it?

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