Saturday, June 17, 2006

Picasa Web Albums

Yesterday I got a invitation from Picasa to test their Web Albums beta version. So I downloaded new Picasa beta software again and explored it. Nothing new special features but they added a nice tool that can upload your photos directly from Picasa to Web Albums. Recently it offered us 250 Mb space. Uploading is very fast and very convienient for every users. Here is my first testing B&W Album of my favourite lovely cute actress Aurey Tautou (Davinci Code, Very Long Engagement, Emili, etc). Check it out! [ Audrey Tautou ]

You also can test that beta, but you have to wait their invitation. Just leave your gmail address there and wait 1or 2 days. They will definitely hit you back! I recommanded Google's Picasa! And by the way, Tautou is really really so so so cute :) , oh my angel!

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