Wednesday, March 22, 2006

ပ်ဉ္းမနား ေနျပည္ေတာှတဲ့

I was mad when I saw this new - Oh! what a wonderful! I m thinking the Feudalism of Civilization IV Game. Ah har...

Myanmar's new capital in the boondocks has been elevated to "Pyinmana The Royal City," state-run media revealed on Wednesday. Myanmar's state-controlled newspapers, TV and radio stations started referring to the new capital as "Pyinmana NayPyiDaw," after the new name was first used on Tuesday evening on national TV in a weather report. The name change adds to the mysteries surrounding Myanmar's new capital, which has yet to be visited by foreign ambassadors based in Yangon, the old capital, and remains off bounds for tourists and ordinary citizens.

They announced on November 7 last year that it had decided to move the capital to Pyinmana, a provincial backwater situated 300 km north of Yangon, formerly Rangoon. No formal explanation was provided for the capital shift. Most ministries have already been moved to Pyinmana NayPyiDaw, although living quarters and public utilities are reportedly very limited in the new city.

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