Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nay Pyi Daw

That's what? yeah, our coming soon Glorious Myanmar Capitol, Nay Pyi Daw State, how brilliant name!, how royal! . Isnt it? Hah! Some of my friends were already switched over there. It is 153 miles away from giant historical Mandaly and 206 miles from legendary Yangoon, well known as Rangoon. Let me count a vote that who would not like to move away from the mighty Yangon. (?%). For me I m happy to be native ppl of Yagon. I m thinking how much Yangon was Modernized in previous capital life. Yah, Clubs, Girls, Hotels, Gangsters, Buildings, Prostitutes, Secret Gamblings, Drugs, Arms and Violations are some significant Landmarks of any Captitol. Did Yangon poccess those? Of cuz a lot. But believe me it doesnt mean at all. It is virtue. It is illusions. It give you a lot pleasures yah, but dont forget to receive doubles of charges. Okie, one thing we must agree, Yangon is more developed than any other states of Myanmar, perhaps we cant do everythings. Isnt it? But how long we have to wait for getting such situation in coming capitol? 50 years? 100 yrs? how many?? I m thinking ... thinking .... thinking ..... again and again. Sigh!

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