Sunday, October 16, 2005

Thanks Kai Syng Tan

I m feeling happy and dont wanna think so far. Okie, just wanna see what is the recent situation.

I intermit my School one year and they allow me to join school in 2007. Thanks to my lectures! Especially Ms Kai Syng Tan, who helped me alot and tried to solve problems with good heart. I can be starting 2 semester when I come back, even I havent finished my first semester.How lucky I m! Nobody can get a chance like me easily. Oh" Thanks Kai Syn and Geels again.

I've met only one Singaporean when I was there, it was she who always listen student's voice and very eager to give everything whatever she knew. I was very lucky for meeting with such a kind or Teacher. She is very famous artist in Singapore and well known world wide.

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