Saturday, October 15, 2005

Popular Myanmar.Com

Here one of the new web came out as Popular Myanmar.Com. It's Design is quiet similar with Planet.Com but more reliable to access. Both web sites can not run properly on Firefox Browser and Apple complex. I 've checked 3 days before this post to make sure how they run their web and how to entertain people. Ha Ha.!

There are lots or words hv been came out before their launch. They made " Opening Ceremony for Popular Myanmar.Com " at Trader Hotel. Isnt is Big Foot.? In my view, I'havent seen any different with any other websites. They should keep their words. They dont know how to trade with Internet. " If there has not any new interesting, nobody will definitely come again". So how these webs can be successful?

But we have to pay more time and have to see how they improve their web and how to persue people to come and interest on it. At least we have to welcome Daily update Myanmar Website. Isnt it?

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