Saturday, October 29, 2005


I m not feeling well in these days. Mentally Physically, all down. My yahoo password has been cracked by some unknown assholes and I cannot log into Yahoo mail. Fortunatelly I have already back up everything and all important datas are in another box. Like Mr.Bush, and Sun Tzu; I do " Clamor in the East, Attack in the West" " Lure Your Enemy Onto the Roof, Then Take Away the Ladder" Ha ha .. next time I can say who 've done this. Try again huh!!!

I m using yahoo and gmail both.(*hint) but different passwords. I know password cracking is not too much difficult by using some softwares ( find in Astalavista ) . But I think its not good. It is breaking other's privacy. Also breaking the law. Why people want to know others' secrets? wanna Fuck it or bring them when they dead.??? Do you think I m angry at them? Noop! I m smiling and I m happy to solve such a kind of tricky problem. ha ha... Now I got my mail back!!! good?

You can make a lot of mails with yahoo or Google or etc, but you must have your own identification. Its not difficult to be Email Owner. But you must know what is your identity. And you must regard your own Identity. Please ..Dont show me your ID card!!!!! ha ha ha.....
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