Saturday, October 22, 2005

Myanmar Unicode

At last Myanmar unicode beta version has been released and let us used as free, a few days ago. I found out there are a lot of flaws and still confusing to use properly in public. It doesnt complete unicode at all. I have tried Myazedi, Myanmar, Myanmarsar and Myanmarsar 1. My favourite font is Myanmarsar ( its not True Type font) . But you have to learn how to type in different key set for different fonts first :( Here my bro Ko Myo gave you a chance to test and how to type, as well as it’s related resources. You can install these fonts easily;as usual for using in ms word, but have to follow a few ambigious steps to use in web.

Click here to see more details in Dathana Blog.

Click here to download win and unicode Fonts

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