Sunday, October 23, 2005

Me to you ( Miranda )

My criziest pet Taddy Teddy!!!

The Me To You ranged is based on Tatty Teddy - the famous bear with the blue nose and patches, and is produced by Collectible World Studios.

Taddy Teddy is the creation of artist Miranda (alias Mike Payne). Tatty Teddy was the first character drawn by Mike Payne for Carte Blanche Greetings in 1987. Miranda has now become one of the most established names in the greetings card industry, and his creations can be found in nearly 60 countries across the world.Mike has had a lot of fun with his pen name of "Miranda" over the years and still to this day enjoys seeing people's reaction when this 6 ft bearded larger than life character say's "Hi, my names Miranda!"

See more photos here:( I ve more than 200 ) dont forget to see.

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