Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Fragmentation In Surrealist Day

I m in the middle of the Surrealist Day.
I m in the middle of nowhere.
I m Day Dreamer.
I was thinking about Money in those few days.
Actually I dont want to get it.
Mostly I hate it.
My life is quiet perfect.
My parents love me and allow me to do whatever.
Some of my frdz need me more than any others ( cuz sometime I m their money maker )
Some of them bully me. ( I m not angry at all, but I disappointed )
Sometime I thank the nature for letting me know about those Peoples.
Dont you think I know you too.?
Sometime I say " Thanks"
Sometime I dont. ( If I m not in good mood to say anything )
Sometime I hate loneliness.
Sometime I love it.
Sometime I want to explain what I want
Sometime it was too difficult.
Sometime I want to live my life happily
Sometime I totally sick at all.
Sometime I try to give everything for you
But you dont know even what I m doing
I dont need anything from you.
I only need understanding between you and my mind ( not me )
If you want to know me well
You have to look me well - Optimistic!
I m not the one like others
I m outsider ( dont translate it, read Albert Camus "The Outsider" )

I dont thanks God
"I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for being living"
You also can hate me
nvm, I dont care.
Cuz I m still alive.

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