Thursday, October 20, 2005

Dhammazedi Bell

King Dhammazedi Bell

Weight of the Bell - 300 tons
Weight lost in casting - 15%
Actual weight of bell - 255 tons
Shackle and Pin weight - 10%
Weight of
Bell body only - 229.5tons
Thickness of
Bell wall - 1.55 feet
Diameter of the
Bell - 12 feet
Height of the
Bell - 18 feet
position - covered!!
Depth upon High water - 54 feet to bottom of the river, bell was below of it 35 feets.
Situation - Great
Bell was totally covered by mad and clay under river
Estimate money to salvage - 5-10 millions US$

For those who interest in this, read more full stories here :


Ref: Jim's letters
Special Thanks to Jim
Nyi Lynn Seck

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