Monday, October 24, 2005

Changed NLS

4 years ago, In October, I had decided to break one of my professional work and changed to another one. Indeed, all the frontiers are too thing but have to look very carefully. When you are standing on a side of country frontier, you just have to move one step, but it will bring you another country. Now here again such situation. I've decided to come back MM. I suffered alot here. But I couldnt find anyone, who can share any idea, emotions and thoughts whatever. I didnt got any friend in this 2 years.

I m really upset on my life and I dont know why I cannot flow along with others. But nothing can be done anymore. My parents spend lots of money for me but they dont understand what I wanna do. Of couse they allowed me to do whatever I want but they dont know what I wanna be. I m such a kind of person who doesnt have big ambition, hope and anything at all. What I want to do is just stay my life calmly. There is no money, no formatting and no fucking hopes at all. I m very sad for my parents that they have such a useless son. I think they wanna see my perfect life but it really different meaning of what I accept. So friends, Honestly! Please dont give me any troubles, problems any hopes at all. I dont wanna get anything. I wanna live my life freely. Thanks you.


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