Friday, September 30, 2005

Nyi Nyi Myint Htun

Please do believe it is his car, I swear!
He won toto lottery and bought it.
But dont tell anyone, cuz he doesnt want to pay debts back. :P
Nyi Nyi's Journey to Singapore

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Kyaw Zorr Win Dream

Kyaw Zorr and his Class mates
What you see in his eyes? Guess?
Caution:do not download :P

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Me and my new guitar still alive

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

My today Horoscope

" Your grip on reality may not be quite as firm as it has been in the past. While this fires you up in the creative realm (and may give you some inspiration for finding a solution for a long-standing problem), it's not a great time for risky business when it comes to love or money. No matter how sure-fire a scheme or a prospect seems, if you jump in without thinking, you may live to regret it. Err on the side of caution, and then err on that side some more. "

whatever!!! whatever!!! whatever!!!!
I am????? I am?????
Want to say something????
Want to say something????Want to say something????
Non of your business!!! this is just monkey business by BEP!!!
you say no~~~
Sorry I dont believe that I was created!!! Oops!!!

Singapore's Wendy Blog

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Shameful Advertisement


I thought that is really shameful and i dont know how they get this ideas to advertise their site. I felt like Making Down theirselves. I do realize and understand the situations but I cant realize why they want to tell like that although they said they are artists. This might be true but nobodies will feel sorry for it.How do you think? chk it out more...

Works of relatively unknown artists in Myanmar have finally arrived on the cyber space. We are just at the begining stage. So many more to be seen in the near future. Due to the political economical situations and various discriminations exercised consciously and / or un-consciously, the artists in Myanmar ( or Burma ) are, like others in so-called poor countries, almost completely unknown to the general public of the world. etc ......
Therefore to help the lives of poor but excellent quality artists, please use this web site whenever you want an artwork from South East Asia. etc ......
Normally the painter who is determined to feed himself ( and his family ) with paintworks needs to go through a long, dusty and often tricky road of self marketing. Some approach the magazines to use them as the cover sheet illustrators, etc. Artists usually ask permission at shops to put their creations for sale. Normally the creators will g
et payment only after their works have been sold. Since there have been not many people who have time and money to appreciate the artworks the life of an artist in Myanmar have never been smooth.

Some young artists, having unable to feed their family, finally go abroad to work as sailers at sea or dish cleaners at restaurants, etc.

The others who are not able to find a channel ( and broker's money ) to go abroad eat the problems at home. It is not rare to see an excellent artist in his rusitc single room home of 8 feet by 8 feet eating only boiled rice day by day.

see details here :

Myawady Myanmar Bookshelf

Read Myanmar literatures here.
Read Myanmar literatures here.
Read Myanmar literatures here.
Read Myanmar literatures here.

Very good collection!

Myanmar Mp3 Download

Guys and Girls.

Try to cheer up one of myanmar youth's works. I m really appreciate his sympathy for sharing his collectings. Downloadable mp3 songs, myanmar journals, country history and infos. There are nearly 30 albums you can get

Ka Day Aung
Ka Day Aung
Ka Day Aung

Myanmar Oldie Songs


I found this web from Really Superb! Great collection of myanmar oldie songs. You can download 50 songs of different vocalists. I m sure that there are a few people who love myanmar oldies like me and want to listen them often. Cheer up your work!

Listen and Download Myanmar Oldies
Listen and Download Myanmar Oldies
Listen and Download Myanmar Oldies
Listen and Download Myanmar Oldies

Burmese Classic Songs back in 20-40 years by Win Oo, Cho Pyone, Mar Mar Aye, Ko Tin Hlaing, Thein Dan, Ko Mya Gyi, Than Phay Lay and so on.

ref :

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Read Myanmar Magazines Reviews

Myanmar Magazine Digests
Myanmar Magazine Digests
Myanmar Magazine Digests
Myanmar Magazine Digests

Here you can read alot of myanmar magazines and essays. This site is quiet complicated but really nice as much as Let say it was a collection of Myanmar essays from several Myanmar Magazines. You can not find any poem there but there is a big ton of myanmar essays. You can find out different authors and different subjects. I m really regard to the site builder.

Thanlwin Dream Issue 4

ThanLwin Eain Mat

Here Thanlwin Dream Issue 4 is came out now

Read Myanmar Poems, Short Stories, Cartoons, Essays and so on.
Cheer up for their works!

Thu Kha Main Hlaing Poem

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DL ay;ydkYonf/

Monday, September 12, 2005

A letter from Master Diver Jim Blunt about Dhammazedi Bell

Dear Nyi,

The Salvage of the Great Bell could have continued but the Clinton Embargo scared eveyone away. This is unfortunate as I belive that raising the Great Bell would reunite
Myanmar however that might occur.

If there is anyone with the money and equipment to salvage the Bell goes ahead with the Bells rescue and is not subject to embargoes I would be happy to return to Myanmar and using locating equipment locate the Bell from the miniture golf course at Bago Point for free. Then we go by boat to this spot and using a Sub Bottom Profiler take a Sonar picture of the Great Bell which would convince the most critical skeptic, as long as the Higher Order Monks of the Shwedagon Pagoda gets copies of it and for that matter pictures of the Bell could run in the New Light of Myanmar so all Burmese can have their Great Bell.

I am the owner of an Emerald mining co. in Morth Carolina, I really don’t need money and would like to do this. Only good things would come of this.


A Letter from Master Diver, Jim Blunt, who tried to salvage the Dammazedhi Bell in Bago River.
see more at :

Friday, September 9, 2005

Get the Song Lyrics from There

Different Last Supper

What are the different things in these two paintings

The Last Supper by Salvado Dali

The Last Supper by Leonado Davincci



Rank /River /Length /Location

1. Nile 6693km (4160mi) North/East Africa
2. Amazon 6436km (4000mi) South America
3. Chang Jiang (Yangtze) 6378km (3964mi) China
4. Huang He 5463km (3395mi) China
5. Ob-Irtysh 5410km (3362mi) Russia
6. Amur 4415km (2744mi) Northeast Asia
7. Lena 4399km (2734mi) Russia
8. Congo 4373km (2718mi) Central Africa
9. Mackenzie 4241km (2635mi) Canada
10. Mekong 4183km (2600mi) Southeast Asia
11. Niger 4167km (2590mi) Africa
12. Yenisey 4092km (2543mi) Russia
13. Parana 3998km (2485mi) South America
14. Mississippi 3765km (2340mi) USA
15. Missouri* 3725km (2315mi) USA
16. Murray-Darling 3717km (2310mi) Australia
17. Volga 3685km (2290mi) Russia
18. Purus* 3379km (2100mi) Brazil
19. Madeira* 3239km (2013mi) Brazil
20. Sao Francisco 3199km (1988mi) Brazil
21. Yukon 3184km (1979mi) Alaska/Canada
22. Rio Grande 3057km (1900mi) USA/Mexico
23. Brahmaputra 2896km (1800mi) India/ China
24. Indus 2896km (1800mi) India/ Pakistan
25. Danube 2858km (1776mi) Europe


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  • Sign up to become a member, and start communicating with other members
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What kind of kiss are you?

Take the quiz:
What Kinda Kiss R U?

my result : ha ha
Romantic Kiss

Lying in bed after making love and just doing whatever.

there are a lot of quizz. go and chk them out to get what kind of you are.

Thursday, September 8, 2005

Adventure of Tin Tin

tin tin
that is superb! well work done of TinTin Adventures collection. Do you know who he is? You should see and check around what are his adventures. I m his fan. I do love him. He is cute, looks like dull, but really fantastic. Say thanks to 7 friendz. direct link click on picture...

Read Dagon Shwe Myar Books

Dagon Shwe Myar Books here

Arloo Myanmar Books Collection
Arloo Myanmar Books Collection
Arloo Myanmar Books Collection
Arloo Myanmar Books Collection
Arloo Myanmar Books Collection

Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Tin Nwe or Htet Aung

htet aung (or) tin nwe

Hi All Guyz and Girlz
Here I got a contact with this dude .
Now he is in Vancouver and got new gf.
you may find him at Friendster.
or mail at
Click here