Saturday, April 30, 2005

Antibiotic Crazy ( SONG )( MUSIC )


I believe that they are the only one band, will control
the next entire misic era.
Since Query Query, their songs and styles are totally different with others.
I m so sure, they are the pioneer of Myanmar Alternative Alteration,
before the Ants.
Here I post one of my favourite song of them and the next one is my remix.
I m not professional audio engineer.
Just for fun;

download click here :

Hope you like them.
Special thanks to Sister MCS.



loon_or_salai said...

you are so so so right sbout antibiotic ... they are outlier among the burmese new comers in the music craziness ... i am agree with you on what you are saying bro ...

NLS said...

yeah thanks bro!

For your comment in my blog.
I do love them very much.
May be they are very prodigious or
I m too craziest enough to love their musiz style. I m really glad to know that you also like them. Let Say VERY GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!