Friday, August 13, 2010

Fix some Zawgyi Font Problems

If your Chrome is crashed when you type Myanmarsar with Zawgyi, fix it as follow:

  1. Go Chrome's Option
  2. Choose> Under the Hood
  3. Choose> Change Font and Language Setting under Web Content
  4. Choose> Zawgyi in Font & Choose Unicode (UTF-8) in Encoding
  5. Go> Language and Uncheck the Check Spelling Box!!!
  6. Finito!

If you cant see Zawgyi in IE and Chrome

  1. Copy following code in notepad, and save it as ie.txt. Then later change its extension from .txt to .css
  2. Place this ie.css file in C:\
  3. Open Control Pannel
  4. Open Internet Options
  5. Choose> General Tab
  6. Choose> Font and Choose> Zawgyi-One in Webpage Font (OK)
  7. Choose> Accessibility
  8. Check> Ignore font styles specified on webpages
  9. Locate> ie.css (C:\ie.css) in User style sheet

Code to make ie.css


input, select , textarea

Uploaded with
@ Credit goes to SaturnGod!!

If you cant see myanmar texts well on my blog,

  1. Do remember that I am using Zawgyi 2009 font, not usual Zawgyi-One font.
  2. I am not abusing Myanmarsar by creating unappropriate characters combination.
  3. I do not recommand you yet for installing that font even I am using.
  4. You also can use that font as well but remember others will see yours texts as you see mine.
  5. What I can tell is it will be a kinda future Zawgyi font development!!!

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4 Responses to “Fix some Zawgyi Font Problems”

ေက်းဇူးပါ ကိုညီလင္းဆက္။ Chrome ေနာက္ဆံုး Update လုပ္ၿပီးမွ ဘာျဖစ္ေနမွန္းမသိတာ ခုမွအဆင္ေျပသြားတယ္။

rjeswar said...

pls help me ............
i can not down zawgyi font

Pan Pan Chit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pan Pan Chit said...

Thank you so much Ko Nyi Lynn Seck.
It is very helpful to me... ^^

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