Monday, May 19, 2008

Documents for on going process

I've been busy the whole day for updating Donation List and some other documents. Our Group went to Betoot Villiage (1hr away from LPT) today and will donate the first aids we carried for 500 ppls. We have been permitted to go and to donate legally there. One member will be coming back tomorrow and will see the process photos then.

There were 12 Small Villiages in Beetoot Group

  1. ဘီတြတ္
  2. ဘုရားေလး
  3. ထံုးဗူးက်
  4. ထံုးဗူးက်အဝ
  5. ထံုးဗူးက်အညာစု
  6. စစ္ကြဲ
  7. ေလးအိမ္တန္း
  8. က်ြန္းေခ်ာင္း
  9. ေမာင္ငယ္ဝ
  10. ကန့္ဘလာ
  11. စံုထိုး
  12. ေရြွလဝန္း

Our donation Fund reached to 14597500 Kyats net. See Detail here: Nargis Donor List

We have spent 3352500 Kyats and on First trip. We have carried 500 packages and one included 8 different type of Aids, and other supports (Clothes, Touch-Light etc:) altogether. Total assume amount that we used for 1st phase will be 5400000. See Detail here : First Donation Laputta

I'll update our consumption on process later.

Photos: 500 packages arrived to Laputta Garage

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