Thursday, January 3, 2008

News and Announcement 03.01.2008

Trying to reconfigure my template. Haloscan Comment is back now! Most essential codes were added and almost 80% is restored. Sorry for those who commented on Blogger comment system.
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Newest and Latest Zawgyi font and Keyboard will be released on next few days. Zawgyi developers are seeking to cheer the users, who are most prominent of promoting zawgyi font and contributing public to get easy access. And plus, who helped and tried to solve some errors, of Zawgyi to become bug free essential Myanmar Keyboard. Latest Zawgyi font is added some more characters, and some are changed Keyboard sequence. The name of Dead Key is renamed as Zawgyi Key, and new value "wa" is added, old value "Stacked Pa" keystroke is replaced with Zkey+y. K! Visit and check at oftenly and get latest updated of Zawgyi System.
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Sooner or later, everybody can be using English-Myanmar Dictionary, based on Zawgyi Font, along with the most popular Babylon Translation software, said a main volenteer of that project. Honestly, Babylon is not free, perhaps Myanmar Babylon is fully free :). Interesting ppl can be participated to type some glossaries. Woops! Rock Saturn!
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Who are willing to use Myanmar OCR more than me? For your pleasure, just wanna let you know some news about MM OCR. Ya it's on da way! All alphabets are recognized and some medial jointed also. According to alpha testing, my name was fully recognized. So not later than 2010, it will be on your hands. Cheer!!
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MBS, Myanmar Blogger Society will award 2 Prizes with online voting system, Myanmar Blogger of the Year, 2007 and Popular Myanmar Blogger of the Year, 2007. Detail will be announced sooner and feel free to vote anyone you wish. Lets try together to develope Real Knowledge Based Society, not fake one!
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Latest news! NLS is struggling with his earning to keep some amount of his monthly consumption, for smoking and drinking :P

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