Saturday, September 17, 2005

My today Horoscope

" Your grip on reality may not be quite as firm as it has been in the past. While this fires you up in the creative realm (and may give you some inspiration for finding a solution for a long-standing problem), it's not a great time for risky business when it comes to love or money. No matter how sure-fire a scheme or a prospect seems, if you jump in without thinking, you may live to regret it. Err on the side of caution, and then err on that side some more. "

whatever!!! whatever!!! whatever!!!!
I am????? I am?????
Want to say something????
Want to say something????Want to say something????
Non of your business!!! this is just monkey business by BEP!!!
you say no~~~
Sorry I dont believe that I was created!!! Oops!!!

One response to “My today Horoscope”

APA citation said...

i beleive in god but i also beleive in phychics too.

Horoscopes - cant be right for the millions all with one sign but a one to one reading can be really good.

I have had a few some you knew they were talking crap - but 1 or 2 were really spot on and i was able to get answers to questions and queries i had about where i was going in life etc.
Horoskop Kostenlos

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