Friday, August 26, 2005

Fee not Feel

Who want me to be died?
I m depressing now.
All the situations are trying to killing me.
money, love, desire, .....
I m thinking if I should go on or stop this education now.???
I dont know.
I m too blurr.

trouble never come alone "

come as much as you can.
I've no sense anymore.
How crazy am I being as a man!!!!!!!

though I m artist but, all the time I have to think about
1) room rental fee
2) projects fee
3) MRT and Bus fee
4) general expenses

So my mind is full with fee not feel.

2 Responses to “Fee not Feel”

phyo nge said...


Why do u feel like it??

Everybody has a lot of pbl as well

abt money and somrthing like that.

I hve pbl as well. Dont depress and

dont stop ur education.U hve to use

ur brain. I know " fee and feel" .

take care...

Anonymous said...

hee hee nyi
hote pa
i mhar lae a kyawe thwe wine nay pi

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