Sunday, July 31, 2005

What I need in my life

Although I want to live my Life very calmly, geee... I still want alot of funny things.
If someone ask me ( while I do deeply much love with a girl )

" Hay NLS, Can you live without her or if I asked you to choose anything you want, what will be your essential necessities in your life???? )

Woop! Dangerous question.!!!
What should I say????
f*k ! he wants to kill me.. :)
Oki Guy
let me think clearly first....
What I really need in my life.??????????????
I got it!!!!!

1. Apple G5 Computer and accessories. ( $ 5000)
2. Nikkon D70 Camera and Lens (4000)
3. Cannon SLR Camera ( 3000)
4. Perfect Sound System (4000)
5. Sonny Digital Video Camera ( not childplay cam Guy!!) ( 5000 )
6. Some Intersting Books
7. Mount Blanc Fountain ( 2000 )
8. Logic Pro Software ( 2000 )
9. Broadband Internet
10. Grand Piano ( even I dunno how to play Piano )
11. annnnnnddddddddd?? anything else?????
I think thats allll... :P
Fu*k!!!! you gonna crazy manz!!! Ok. How about if you have to choose only one thing among your girl and those??????
I 'll smile and answer :
{{{{{ I prefer No.2 }}}}}
should I???

Woooooooooooooooooooop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are lots of people queuing to kill me........I need to find a place to hide first guy. ha ha.

Its just funny.
How can I loose my " beloved"????? Isnt it??????
How do you think????
And How about you???

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2 Responses to “What I need in my life”

Anonymous said...

I hate you
I know you are such a kind of man
Not Suprise


mn said...


ko gyi
i only wanna no who is @M ?
if i were u..i also choose no:2 :P
C ya~

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